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As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.
         -- C. G. Jung Memories, Dreams & Reflections, 1962

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Beginning in 2007. Journey Conferences has focused on the spiritual dimension of the psychology of C.G. Jung. His work began with his own experience of Christianity and broadened and deepened in a way that continues to be useful to those from all spiritual backgrounds.

Jung's own pilgrimage demonstrated a psychological and spiritual pattern that can help each of us grow in our understanding and experience of our own unique spiritual nature so that we each might become our "true self -- the fulfillment of the seed planted in us at our making." [Appleton]

Still and especially today, psychology rooted in Jung's work provides a foundation for a deepening understanding of the human experience of the Divine; of ourselves individually and collectively; and of the human's relation to the natural world.

Our focus in 2007 was on exploring and furthering that conversation and it has not changed. With the annual Conferences in North Carolina, those ready for this deepening adventure responded. Many, who attended throughout the years, discovered themselves delighted and surprised by meaningful revelations, by unforeseen opportunities for personal transformation and by remarkable kinship and community.

After our 2014 conference, we actively explored the way forward. We wanted more and more people to have these growth opportunities that benefited us so much. It seems that to share the Journey experience more broadly, NOW is time to plant new seeds for the future, not necessarily with National Conferences in NC, but perhaps with many initiatives scattered wherever there is good soil -- events originating more locally to those who wish to see them happen. This will make it possible for you and others interested in this mission to begin something that can aid your own community in moving psychologically and spiritually toward wholeness for a hopeful future.

To that end, with the help of our sponsor, The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation, we are actively seeking partners who feel called to host such experiences based in their own region, state, city or town that likewise "explore and further the conversation of Christianity and other faiths with psychology rooted in the work of C.G. Jung."

If this resonates with you and at least a couple of others, and you want to plan. develop and host your own such Jungian event-- could be of a one day duration; or two days; or more, The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation may be able to help you call together your own Journey-like community. We can help you with your fundraising; maybe even some start-up funding; your website for providing information about the event; registration and accounting support and any desired consultation you may need to have a successful first event. We want to take some heavy weight off your shoulders in order to make it more easily doable for you!

Jung said: "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." If this opportunity will help you become more "who you truly are," then, please feel free to contact us through our website email, so we can be in touch with you to discuss how we might be of help.

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"Journey Conferences" and "Moving Toward Wholeness" are trademarks of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation."


"Journey Conferences" and "Moving Toward Wholeness" are trademarks of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation."