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Pre-conference Events
October 17-18, 2012

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Sacred Activism and Sacred Leadership*
Andrew Harvey

"A spirituality that is only private and self-absorbed, one devoid of an authentic political and social consciousness, does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history. On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic, and social institutions, a holy force - the power of wisdom and love in action - is born. This force I define as Sacred Activism."  - Andrew Harvey

What is Sacred Activism?
Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants. The Institute for Sacred Activism
TM SM (ISATM SM) is an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary crises in order to become inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.

Why is Sacred Activism crucial for our future?
The economic, political, spiritual world crisis that we currently find ourselves in is a call to action. It is an opportunity for us to understand the realities around us and to rally together to do something different. We now have before us the possibility of using this current crisis to empower ourselves, and others, to actually get the planet to work. Embracing an uncertain future, we need to support leaders, who are inspired, courageous and effective to rise up. We need to renew the energy of people who are burnt out and apathetic in institutions and corporations. If we point individuals to an inner compass that renews their passion, there is hope for real solutions and inspired creativity. All that we need is already there, in the currency of people, and it only needs to be tapped into.

Both contemporary spiritual seekers, and activists have not been connected to a vision of action that is inspiring, hopeful and rooted in deep spiritual wisdom and compassion. Some spiritual seekers, for instance, use spiritual knowledge as a subtle way of dissociating from hands-on realistic social, economic, and political engagement in the world, thereby ensuring that the world and its people will be abandoned in its hour of extreme need.

Activists, on the other hand, are prone to complete exhaustion, burn out, and debilitating and divisive rage and are often cut off from the healing and transforming wisdom of the spiritual traditions and the simple techniques, prayers, and practices that could sustain, inspire, and nourish them in their heroic endeavors.

We have seen that in the very heart of the chaos of the modern crisis, an extraordinary lineage has arisen of ordinary people who have fused deep spiritual knowledge, experience, and practice, with wise, incessant action for justice and peace. Having emerged against all odds, they accomplished the unimaginable.

The vision of Sacred Activism is dedicated to honoring and continuing the tremendous work of extraordinary ordinary people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Desmond Tutu. Each of these individuals rose up to meet the challenges of their time with great spiritual grace and integrated inner contemplation with decisive action. The work of Paul Ray and Paul Hawken reveals to us that there is in our contemporary world an arising of different groups of concerned people anxious for change. Sacred Activism provides these people with a system of thought and traditional wisdom practices to help support the kind of transformative change that is necessary for the world to be preserved.


Price: $175
Qualifies for the $30 discount to the main Moving Toward Wholeness Conference!

Deep Christianity: Meeting Today's Spiritual Challenges in
Congregational Leadership

Ed and Mary Ann Koffenberger

Of what use to us is the wisdom of the Upanishad or the insight of Chinese yoga, if we desert the foundations of our own culture as though they were errors outlived and, like homeless pirates, settle with thievish intent on foreign shores?" ~ C. G. Jung


The purpose of this seminar is to familiarize the participants with the basic concepts of Jungian Psychology. We are especially interested in the psyche understood as “Soul.” In our time together, we will examine the core concepts of Jungian thought and, through that lens, our own lives and the life of our Christian communities. The Christian community AKA “the body of Christ,” also has a soul, and this soul is challenged to meet inevitable internal and external spiritual challenges. If these are not recognized or sufficiently faced, they can diminish the soul, both personally and collectively. How can we enable it to effectively negotiate these challenges that will otherwise
threaten it with “loss of soul”?

Ed and Mary Ann Koffenberger are ordained Disciples of Christ clergy. Ed earned a Masters of Divinity and a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. At Pacifica Graduate Institute, he earned a Masters of Arts in Depth Psychology. Currently, he is working on his Doctoral dissertation there entitled “Souling: Deep Christianity.” Recently, he presented a round-table at the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies.

Mary Ann graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a Board Certified Chaplain having experience in psychiatric, cardiac care, and rehabilitation centers for teens and adults. She is a certified yoga instructor. She has been published in “Journeys,” a Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and has presented at national conventions with the AAPC and the Association of Professional Chaplains.

Both Mary Ann and Ed have served in and with many Christian organizations, and they are each experienced spiritual directors They were once aptly introduced as an “ecumenical movement in themselves.”

“To ground ourselves in [the Western spiritual] tradition is the best and most certain way to be ecumenical in the fullest sense.”                                                             ~Matthew Fox


Session I – The Language of Jung

The dynamics and characteristics of the psyche are often used by many writers, both Christian and non-religious. However, the more often these core concepts are used, the more their original meanings have been co-opted for other agendas and thereby confused. This first session will serve to clarify Jung’s core concepts to provide us a foundation upon which to build, so that we may find their correlates in Christian thought and experience. These core concepts include “the personal unconscious,” “the collective unconscious,” “ego,” “persona,” “shadow,” “anima” and “animus, “ ”complexes,” “ the Self,” and “the soul.”


Session II – “I’m Spiritual but not Religious."

How often have we heard this as if it were intended to end the discussion? If pressed, the speaker will also say that the church has lost its soul. Has it? Does the church have a “soul” to lose? What characteristics of the individual psyche also play within the dynamics of the Church? In the first half of this session, we will address how to discern and help protect the soul of the Church.

During the session's second segment, we will look at the Church as it has been challenged both from within (e. g.: “shadow”) and from without by both the manipulation of images and the reduction by literalization of what formerly have been portals into a deeper awareness.  Using our knowledge of Jung’s core concepts, how can we recover the numinous that was initially part of our Biblically enriched heritage and present it in such a way to recover the “juiciness” of faith.


Session III – Packing for Home

In the first part of this session named: “archetypal images and Christian symbolism at work and at play,” we will bring together active imagination and Biblical stories, introducing spiritual practices to take home to your congregation.

The concluding segment we call: “Quaternary Self-Care.” Drawing upon the characteristics of Soul we have clarified, we will outline a variety of strategies whereby clergy can more adequately care for themselves. In the process, we will help bring to consciousness how we risk unwittingly internalizing an archetype, such as “suffering servant,” in an unbalanced way, so as to help us avoid sabotaging the best intentions of our true calling.

Price: $140
Qualifies for the $30 discount to the main Moving Toward Wholeness Conference!


Reel Therapy: Ethical & Professional Issues for Therapists*
Michael Kahn, LPC, JD

Therapists and therapy are often portrayed in American and foreign films with varying degrees of accuracy. Nevertheless, real therapists and other helping professionals can learn a great deal about themselves from “reel” therapists. Thus, the workshop will include provocative film clips, which often are an entertaining, powerful and effective means for elaboration and discussion. This presentation will provide a forum for helping professionals to discuss ethical questions and related professional issues. It is designed to be interactive and will offer hypothetical vignettes to explore. Reference will be made to relevant professional codes of ethics.


  • Discuss the differences between boundary violations and crossings, focusing on such issues as self-disclosure, touch, and dual relationships.

  • Explain the importance of setting limits with clients who violate boundaries.

  • Discuss the role of the therapist’s values in the counseling relationship.

  • Identify self-care as an ethical issue and steps to improve it.

Michael Kahn, LPC, JD  has a B.A. in Psychology from Emory University (1982), a law degree from the Dickinson School of Law at Penn State University (1985), and a Masters in Education from UNC Greensboro (1994). He is an LPC and a nationally certified counselor. He specializes in grief and loss in individual and group counseling. 

Michael lectures and facilitates workshops in the U.S. and internationally on grief, diversity, self-care and ethics, including work with the U.S. military stateside and in Germany. He also presents ethics workshops to attorneys. He is among the forefront in his field on the use of film in group therapy and workshops.  Michael wrote the chapter Saying Goodbye: Loss and Bereavement for Cinemeducation, Volume 2: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education scheduled to be released July 2012. He is enjoying his new home in Corvallis, Oregon, recently moving from Charlotte, North Carolina. In his free time Michael makes documentary films.

CE: This four hour seminar meets the ethics re-certification requirement for NBCC (and possibly many others credentialing bodies).

Price:  $175 
Qualifies for the $30 discount to the main Moving Toward Wholeness Conference!

Individual and Political Implications for Our Times From Jung’s Experiences in the Red Book
Monika Wikman,
M.F.C, L.P.C.C., Ph.D.

Jung was known when supervising someone, to ask them just how many parts of the person in the analysis were listening or participating in the analysis. His remark opens to the depths and complexities of the psyche and personality. In this presentation we will explore Jung’s experiences in the Red Book that led him to firsthand experience of the mysterious complexities of multiplicity and unity in the psyche. Here Jung discovers what the alchemists called "cibatio mysteries," subtle body phenomenon in which the field of synchronicity, the subtle body, grows as the parts hidden in the shadows (the disenfranchised, the dispossessed) return to find their place at the round table of the Self incarnating in this world. As Jung reveals these mysteries in his Red Book Opus, the implications for community and the political world are unending. We will see during this seminar what vision and practices we might take home into our individual and community lives from exposure to Jung’s Red Book that may help the state of our world in these times.

CE: Those seeking CEs will gain new insights from Jung's Psychology into how they might help themselves and their clients gain a deeper, clearer and more empowered connection with the larger world context of their lives.

Price: $25.00 (Free for all participants of qualifying Pre-Conference Events.)


The Rumi Renaissance - Rumi's Soulful Message for Our Time

A special Evening with Andrew Harvey
with accompaniment by John V. Berdy

Andrew Harvey

John Berdy

Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, Rumi scholar and translator, Andrew Harvey, shares an experience of Rumi's poetry that helps give shape to a passionate and transformative vision for our world in its time of crisis.

John V Berdy has served as an accompanist for other famous poetry scholars including Rumi Scholar Coleman Barks.  Berdy's ... techniques have evolved from an extensive thirty-year study of cross-cultural therapeutic music traditions, including nine years studying the classical music of India.  

The explosion of Rumi’s mystical vision in the west is a crucial event in our human evolution.  In this special evening event, Andrew Harvey will help us experience the power of Rumi's poetry and feel more profoundly how essential its message of divine love is to the world at this moment when we need to meet our evolutionary world crisis with a commitment to enact sacred consciousness in sacred action on every level of the world. At the moment of the greatest human danger, the greatest mystical vision of the greatest mystical poet is returning to flood the world with the fire of ecstatic, faith, hope, passion and tenderness to give us the divine experience, energy and hope to start working to transform the world


Qualifying Event Discounts

"Sacred Activism and Sacred Leadership" with Andrew Harvey

"Deep Christianity" with the Koffenbergers

"Reel Therapy: Ethical and Professional Issues for Therapists" with Michael Kahn, LPC, JD

Participants in either "Sacred Activism and Sacred Leadership", "Deep Christianity", or Reel Therapy" qualify for a $30.00 discount off of their "Moving Toward Wholeness" Registration. They may also pre-register for and attend "Individual & Political Implications … from Jung’s Experiences... ” at no additional charge.

Those who registered for Moving Toward Wholeness before August 1, who have later decided they want to pre-register for one of the three qualifying Pre-Conference Seminars, may take the $20.00 discount they would have applied earlier to their Moving Toward Wholeness registration off of their Pre-registration payment provided they note their prior registration and the application of this discount to their current payment clearly in the comments section of the online registration form and on payment worksheet, which they enclose with their check.

For those not attending the other three qualifying events, the "Individual & Political Implications … from Jung’s Experiences... ” with Monika Wikman fee is $25


Optional Registration Items

Non-Programmatic Registration (except a la carte events beginning Thursday afternoon)       $100.00

(Optional) Wednesday lunch with Non-Programmatic Registration (Pre-registration required) -$10.00
(Because "Deep Christianity" and "Sacred Activism." start right after lunch, their fee includes Wednesday lunch. This option is for all other Pre-conference registrants who want lunch Wednesday.)



Pre-Conference Schedule

Block Schedule for the Moving Toward Wholeness Pre-Events Conference 2012


"I cannot define for you what God is, I can only say that my work has proved empirically that the pattern of God exists in every [hu]man, and that this pattern has at its disposal the greatest of all his energies for transformation and transfiguration of his natural being. Not only the meaning of his life but his renewal and his institutions depend on his conscious relationship with this pattern in his collective unconscious."  - C. G. Jung


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