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Leadership:  Featured Presentations
2009 Conference

Date October 15-18, 2009
Location The Summit at Haw River State Park, Browns Summit
Near Greensboro, NC.
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Featured Presentations and Presenters
(* indicates Jungian Analyst)

The Invisible Church

This lecture will analyze the psychological roots of fundamentalism, the church as archetypal mother and father, and seek to set out how religion can be a psychotherapeutic system for healing and wholeness.  The presentation will be beneficial to those who have left organized religion, but still seek a spiritual path, as well as to those who find a particular organized religion spiritually nourishing.

Finding Spirituality Where You Are

God is not a concept, but an experience. Spirituality is the deep human longing to translate the Transcendent into the Immanent through experience and reflection on it. This lecture will help to see how we can find the miraculous in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the sacred camouflaged in the profane.

Reverend J. Pittman McGehee, D.D.The Very Reverend J. Pittman McGehee, D.D.* ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, served for 11 years, as Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, located in the center of downtown Houston. In demand as a distinguished lecturer and speaker in the fields of psychology and religion, he is also an author, book reviewer and an award-winning published poet.

In 1991, Pittman resigned from Christ Church Cathedral to become the director of The Institute for the Advancement of Psychology and Spirituality. The Institute joins the disciplines of psychology and religion by exploring the concept that mental health comes with the integration of the biological, psychological, and spiritual elements of the human condition. In 1996, the C. G. Jung Institute of Dallas awarded him a diploma in Analytical Psychology.

A regular lecturer at the C.G. Jung Center in Houston, Dr. McGehee has held many other distinguished lectureships including the 1987 Harvey Lecture at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, where he received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity; the 1988 Perkins Lecture in Wichita Falls; the 1990 Woodhull Lectures in Dayton, Ohio, and the 1991 St. Luke’s Lectures in Birmingham. He was the 1994 Rockwell visiting Theologian at the University of Houston and 1996 Carolyn Fay Lecturer in Analytical Psychology also at the University of Houston, as well as being an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Texas. Dr. McGehee is currently in private practice as a priest/psychoanalyst and teacher/lecturer.

The Tribal Dream: How Dreams and Synchronicities Present Evidence
of a Communal Unconscious

We are connected to one another and dream in more objective ways than traditional psychology has previously acknowledged. Objective dreams compensate or give factual data about waking reality, such as our choices, relationships and health. However, some dreams seem to be meant not just for the individual, or even primarily for the larger collective, but for the family, tribe or community audience. Such experiences of unconscious connection often happen when one opens to the possibility: then, Psyche speaks in a rare way, and one can be healed by listening. Humans are pack animals and the dream maker knows well this ancient rule of our tribal nature. Within ones' own dream threatre, stories unfold using the characters from our lives that weave a pattern, each connected to the other in fascinating complexity. The tribal unconscious will be introduced with examples from dreams and synchronicities.

Tess CastlemanTess Castleman,* is a Diplomate Jungian Analyst (Zurich, 1989), a training analyst with the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich and a member of the Curatorium. She is responsible for the International English Block Training in Zurich where she lives part of the year. She also lives in Dallas, Texas, where she has an analytic practice for adults and groups. She leads workshops and dream retreats internationally and is the author of Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a tribal connection is revealed through synchronicities; and Sacred Dream Circles: A handbook to facilitate Jungian dream groups.


In the Symbol the World Itself is Speaking: Earth and Psyche in Balance

Jung used the term "the Self "to speak of the archetype of wholeness and the God image within. If the Self manifests to us in dreams as, among others things, numinous images and affects of the power of the great forces of nature, then Nature and the Holy are actually infused into each other. If, as Jung writes, the psyche is, at bottom, merged into the chemical substances, "then the psyche is simply 'world' ... and in the symbol the world itself is speaking."

With this in mind, we can look at the imminent environmental crisis as being psychological in nature and a reflection of the problem of our relationship with the Holy. The Western origin myth may not be adequate to the task of approaching the crisis in a non -technological way as a dynamic of the Sacred. We will explore other, indigenous origin myths and the world of dreams and ritual to see if more ancient approaches and understandings can help us find our way back into a balance with Nature and the Self that exists in our depths

Barry Williams, M. Div., Psy.D.Barry Williams, M. Div., Psy.D.* is a Jungian Analyst in private practice near Taos, NM. Known internationally for his lectures, workshops, wilderness pursuits, work with indigenous cultures and dreamwork, he has served on the Adjunct Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, has been a long-time presenter at Journey Into Wholeness, and for over two decades a leader of the Temagami Vision Quest in Canada. An important part of his own journey toward wholeness has been a twelve year initiation into the tradition of the Huichol people of Central Mexico. Along with his family at their remote home in New Mexico, at sea in New Zealand and in a wilderness setting in Northern Canada, Barry offers retreats on dreams, shamanism, ritual and the great forces of nature.

Workshops and Special Events

A Peace You've Never Known:
The Practice of Middle-of-the-Night Meditation as a Means of Grace

Gregory Scott Sparrow
Gregory Scott Sparrow, Ed.D., LPC; LMFT

Jung noted that dream imagery could only be understood as the outgrowth of a reciprocal exchange between dream ego and emergent archetype. Rumi once said, "What nine months does for the embryo, 40 early mornings will do for your growing awareness." This workshop offers a new model that emphasizes the dialectical nature of the dream’s unfoldment, as well as a practice of Middle-of -the-Night-Meditation (MNM), which enhances the dreamer’s capacity to interact with the content emerging from the psyche in a fearless and creative way in order to facilitate the individuation/integration process.

The presentation will present an array of anecdotal accounts from the presenter's own journals as well as from the lives of others; review the meditation research that supports the apparent effect of meditation on the dream state; establish the importance of MNM to the individuation process; and lay out a practical regimen that combines MNM with a simple pre-sleep exercises called "Dream Reliving" as a way to foster psychological integration and deep communion.

Gregory Scott Sparrow, Ed.D., LPC; LMFT is a psychotherapist, college professor, spiritual mentor, author, and fly fishing guide who lives on the shores of the Lower Laguna Madre of deep south Texas. In 1976, he wrote Lucid Dreaming -- Dawning of the Clear Light, which was based largely on his own experiences. It was the first book on lucid dreaming published in the U.S., and has been extensively cited and hailed as an early classic in this new field of dream theory.

In his late teens, Scott began sporadically to practice Middle-of-the-Night-Meditation of his nighttime dreams. Over the years, he has come to recognize the value of this practice for enhancing, not only dreams, but one's spiritual journey. He began to realize that dreams following these meditation periods are often characterized by: greater reflectiveness, the presence of Light, the deepening of archetypal content, and encounters with the Self. His own books including the aforementioned Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light; and I Am With You Always: True Stories of Encounters With Jesus, and Blessed Among Women: Encounters with Mary and Her Message were direct outgrowths of this particular spiritual practice. Along with enhancing creativity, it has often facilitated resolution of the presenter's own psychodynamic conflicts as well as encounters with the Self.

Scott is an an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas - Pan American, where he teaches in the graduate counseling program. He is also a Charter faculty member at Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, where he leads seminars for men on midlife issues, and teaches a course titled "Principles and Practices of Spiritual Mentorship."

He has lectured and taught courses across the U.S. on such topics as meditation, lucid dreaming, and dreamwork methods. His latest book is Healing the Fisher King: A Fly Fisher's Quest has been called: "a masterpiece" and "destined to become a classic among spiritual autobiographies."

Group Dreamwork

Barry Williams
Barry Williams,
M. Div., Psy.D*

These workshops will explore the archetypal ground of dreams in a group setting, so that everyone can benefit from the rich unconscious material that is emerging during the conference. In addition, participants can learn about dreamwork in a Jungian style, gain an understanding of the movement of archetypal energies in the psyche and help make conscious the unconscious process set in motion by the gathered community and the content of the lectures. You do not need to offer a dream, but if you would like, please come with a dream that comments on the deeper nature of psychic reality, ie. a dream with strong affect or images, dreams that seem or feel mysterious, numinous or spiritual in any way, dreams of nature or natural forces, a dream that confounds you or that in any way suggests the presence, activity or dynamics of the Self, God or the gods or the archetypal world. None of your dreams fit these descriptions? -- just come with what you have, either from the week or from a lifetime.

Experiencing the Multi-Dimensionality of Time

Marilia Yokota, PhD
Marilia Yokota,

Stephen Hawkings, the English physicist, has helped us conceptualize time as multi-dimensional. In this presentation, we will briefly describe this idea of Hawkings and use excerpts from the movie "Déjà-vu" to explain it from Jung's view. In the second segment, we will move from theory to hands-on experience as participants interact with the material through methods of art therapy to experience how to apply it and integrate it in our lives.

Marilia Yokota, PhD,* is an Art Therapist and Jungian Analyst from São Paulo, Brazil, and trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She has specialized in working with unconscious processes in the treatment of adolescents with severe depression and personality disorders, using art therapy as an instrument to approach the unconscious in her clinical practice. She conducts an analytical practice for children, adolescents and young adults in São Paulo, and also leads workshops in art therapy and adolescent therapy practice internationally.

Mandala: A Tool for Inner Work

Dorothy Campbell
Dorothy Campbell
B.Sc.N. , M.P.N. ,*

Jung believed that the mandala is a symbol of the Self for the Western person. Making a mandala often brings us to a sense of wholeness, or reveals a side of ourselves of which we are not conscious. In this workshop each person will create a mandala with simple drawing materials. One does not need drawing skills for this endeavor; a kind of attentive meditative scribbling within the mandala circle can beautifully reveal aspects of oneself. A sense of calmness and fulfillment is often the result. It is a tool that we can return to again and again for balance, wholeness and self-discovery. We will spend time as a group looking and learning from the individual mandalas, on a voluntary basis.

Dorothy Campbell is a Jungian analyst who recently graduated from the International School of Analytical Psychology-Zurich. She received her B.Sc. in Nursing from McGill University, Montreal, and her Masters in Psychosocial Nursing from the University of Washington, Seattle. Before completing her Masters, she worked in an acute care medicine. As an advanced practice psychiatric nurse she worked extensively in adolescent psychiatry. She also has held positions in large city hospitals, as the director of a counseling program, and as a psychiatric nursing liaison, working with individual patients, and with staff in individual and group situations. She also attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a full time student in painting and drawing for three years; she has continued over the years, to pursue her interest in painting.

Spelunking The Shadow: Discovering Power Alongside Fear… the Dark

Rev. Don M. Wardlaw, PhD.
Rev. Don M. Wardlaw,

We all instinctively cringe from our shadow, that dark energy in our unconscious that fuels the objectionable characteristics --- deceit, greed, racism, sexism --- that violate the image of ourselves that we want the world to see. Sadly, however, as Jung has shown us, in our shunning the shadow, we also relegate to the dustbin of our psyches a number of gifts and attributes we have long been led to believe we either do not possess, or do not deserve to claim --- confidence, leadership ability, creativity. The Church in its worship, preaching, and teaching too often unwittingly contributes to this repressing of our shadow. This workshop will offer opportunity to bring more clearly to consciousness ways in which we can be led to claim the “gold” that lies buried in our shadow.

Rev. Don M. Wardlaw, PhD. is J.G.K. McClure Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Worship, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago. A native of Little Rock, with bachelor's degree from Columbia University, M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and Ph.D. in New Testament from The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland.  Dr. Wardlaw, served two pastorates in Presbyterian churches in the Memphis area, then taught preaching and worship at Columbia Seminary for 10 years, rounding out his formal career with teaching preaching and worship for 21 years at McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago. During his last ten years in Chicago, he founded and directed the Association of Chicago Theological Schools' D. Min. in Preaching Program jointly sponsored by six Chicago seminaries. He has taught as guest professor at Princeton Seminary, Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and Yale Divinity School. Don has led preaching seminars throughout the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden.

In the early 1990's, Don became deeply interested in the work of C. G. Jung and began to formulate a Jungian oriented homiletic. He is presently working on a book, "Preaching From Within."

Understanding Psychological Type(s): Through the Looking Glass of
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Adele Tyler, M.S.S.
Adele Tyler, M.S.S.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a practical application of Jung’s’ theories on psychological type that was created by the mother-daughter team Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The most widely used personality test in the world, the MBTI serves as an introduction to Jung’s ideas and helps people to better understand themselves and develop their potentials. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to take the MBTI and learn how to interpret and apply their results as well as increase their knowledge of Jung’s theories of psychological type. Participants are asked to register in advance for this workshop by noting their intention to participate in the "Comments" section of the registration form, or by contacting Journey Conferences at  as soon as possible.

Adele Tyler, M.S.S., has a master’s degree in sociology, Myers-Briggs certification, and life coach certification through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She has studied Jungian psychology, formally and informally, since 1989, at Vanderbilt University, the Jung Seminar in Zurich, and various workshops and seminars. An active participant, board member, and workshop presenter at the former "Journey Into Wholeness" events, Adele has written articles on psychological type, introversion, and extraversion for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. Co-owner of a music publishing and production company for over twenty-five years, she now works primarily as a Myers-Briggs consultant and life coach in Nashville, TN.


 "Awakening the Divine " -- Jung and Kundalini

Lee Lawrence
Lee Lawrence

According to Jung: "One often hears and reads about the dangers of Yoga, particularly of the ill-reputed Kundalini Yoga. The deliberately induced psychotic state, which in certain unstable individuals might easily lead to a real psychosis, is a danger that needs to be taken very seriously indeed. These things really are dangerous and ought not to be meddled with in our typically Western way.” ..." C. G. Jung, Introduction to The Tibetan book of the Dead ”

Jung claimed that the symbolism of kundalini yoga suggested that the bizarre symptoms that patients at times presented actually resulted due to the awakening of the kundalini. He argued that knowledge of such symbolism enabled much that would otherwise be seen as the by-products of a disease process to be understood as a meaningful systematic process related to kundalini activity rather than isolated localized disease disruptions. This workshop seeks to provide an overview of the kundalini process and the related symptoms commonly experienced in order to differentiate them from common psychological and physiological disorders.

Lee Lawrence is an internationally known medical/psychological intuitive. His scientific research into the existence of the human soul and how it works bridges the gap between science, psychology and religion.

In 1992, nearing the point of burnout during a hectic tax season as a CPA, Lee had a profound spiritual experience that left him with unusual psychic and paranormal abilities. Being left brained, his logical mind could not comprehend what he was experiencing and thus began his quest to understand the hard science explaining his experiences. He returned to the University, this time as a student and completed a degree in psychology and continued his studies in cognitive neuroscience, anatomy & physiology and studied various religions in depth until he could logically and scientifically understand what he was experiencing; a journey that provided him with an understanding of science beyond the current limits. His understanding of the interaction between the human soul or spirit and the physical body opens new doors for the future of both psychological and physical medical diagnosis and treatment.

This and the following are an educational workshops. Journey Conferences does not encourage anyone to seek the experience of a "Kundalini awakening" before, during or after the conference without proper motivation, knowledge, guidance and skilled support.

Dancing the Chakras

Jeanne M. Schul
Jeanne M. Schul

Jung was fascinated with the chakra system and yoga. During his travels in India, he gained great insight into the way this approach to the body, mind, and spirit figured into everyday life in India. He saw parallels between the chakra system and alchemy as symbolic reflections of the process of individuation. However, he cautioned Westerns about pursuing this work with the human energy field from a purely intellectual perspective. This workshop will begin by sharing knowledge about this ancient Yogic philosophy and then, as an aid to understanding, will actively engage participants in a movement exploration of the seven energy centers of the body. Sequentially moving up the spine—starting with grounded movement from the root chakra and progressing upward to the spiritual crown chakra—participants will move in their own way to musical accompaniment that supports the verbal imagery offered to connect with each body area and energetic intention. This activity is designed to enhance fluidity of movement throughout the body, gently work through the spine to help one release energy blocks, and invite a sense of harmony within one’s soma, soul, and psyche by learning to address the whole person.

Jeanne M. Schul is a Dance Specialist at Berry College in the Departments of Kinesiology and Theatre in which she coordinates the dance program and serves as Artistic Director of the Berry College Dance Troupe. Jeanne is completing her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and is currently engaged in research for her dissertation, entitled Creating Dances from Dreams: Embodying the Unconscious through Choreography. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and a Reiki Master with a small private practice. Jeanne has published numerous articles focusing on the intersection of dance, chakras, and dreams. She serves as President of the Eastwest Somatics Network. In 2008, Jeanne received the Honor Award for the 13 state Southern District for life time service in the field of dance. She was named the College/University Dance Educator of the Year in 2005 for the Southern District and the state of Georgia. She earned a M.A. in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a M.A. in Dance from Texas Woman’s University, and a B.A. in Dance and English from the State University of New York at Brockport.

“The Hero’s Journey”

Pittman McGehee
Pittman McGehee

Joseph Campbell posited that the hero’s journey is the monomyth. The three-fold process of separation, initiation and return are the necessary stages for what Jung called the process of individuation. This workshop will focus, through diagram, and discussion how each must leave home, wrestle with demons and dragons and find our way home again.

Balancing the Mystical and Mundane

Brenda Burgner, 
LCSW,   AMI Fellow

Barbara Davis, 

Ever wonder what Lazarus did the day after he was risen from the dead?  
Many of us have the joy of experiencing a rebirth, a raising up from 
the ashes or simply the day after a mystical experience.  We experience 
the mystery through common connections with meditation, prayer, dreams, 
vision quests, nature and more.  Often it is challenging to bring 
such powerful experiences back into the mundane of life.  This 
experiential workshop will explore ways to stay connected to the 
mystical while walking in the mundane. 

Brenda Burgner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery in private practice in Richmond, Virginia. Brenda became interested in Jungian Psychology through her training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Believing that deep within each of us there is a blueprint of our own innate wholeness, Brenda uses GIM to assist clients in connecting with their inner blueprint. 

Barbara Davis is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery in private practice in Richmond. Barbara integrates traditional talk therapy with experiential therapies to create a safe, yet powerful, place for her clients to create change in their lives. Barbara has been active in Jungian Venture in Richmond and the former Journey into Wholeness for the past 15 years.

Longing and the Transcendent Function

Donnamarie Flanagan, LCSW
Donnamarie Flanagan

The Self might equally well be called the ‘God within us.’ The beginnings of our whole psychic life seem to be inextricably rooted in this point, and all of our highest and ultimate purposes seem to be strivings toward it. C. G. Jung

The longing that can be named is not the deep longing of the soul. It is often imagined as profound homesickness, but where is home? No more than we can name the object of our longing, can we achieve it by effort. The best we can do is wait for the transcendent function’s work of grace to provide the linking symbol. We will consider poetry, dreams, and traditions of religio which speak of our archetypal hunger for mysterium. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect and to share, as they are moved to do so -- their own experience of longing.

Donnamarie Flanagan, LCSW, is a Jungian Analyst, a member of the faculty of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, she is past Director of Training. Her abiding interest is in the field of longing between the personal self and the Self from which it came. She has a private practice in Lafayette, Indiana.

Participating in the Great Process of Being

Dr. Robert A. Keller
Dr. Robert A. Keller, Ph.D.

In Memories, Dreams and Reflections Carl Jung stated that: “our indispensable place in the great process of being is to put the stamp of perfection on the Universe by giving it objective existence”. How does one do that? This workshop will respond to that question by first exploring what Jung and others have believed about the essence or nature of the Universe, and then by examining how the Universe operates
– what are the primordial archetypes, the energies or dynamics? – and then by suggesting and demonstrating how we can become those powers in human form.

The workshop will follow a simple plan:

1. A brief introduction and discussion regarding the current understanding and experience of the Universe.

2.The presentation of three ten minute clips of a DVD dealing with the dynamics of adventurous play, good and evil, and death. There will be open discussions between each of the clips.

Award-winning professor, Dr. Robert A. Keller, Ph.D. has graduate credentials from St. John’s, Notre Dame and Wayne State in Theology, Sociology and Education. He has been a teacher for over fifty years, published several books and articles, and has lectured worldwide. He is the father of a large and extended family and has been intensely involved in a multitude of cross-cultural experiences. He is currently trying to learn how to play adventurously and be a child again. See his website: 

The Tribal Dream

Tess Castleman
Tess Castleman*

A classic Jungian dream group using a facilitator-led model, but with a twist. Tess Castleman will work with individuals and the group to discuss personal insights gleaned from discussing a dream, as well as ask the entire group, "why did you need to hear this dream". Synchronicity, congruent themes and corrective messages from the unconscious will be noted. Anonymity, and Confidentiality upon request, required.

Tess Castleman,* is a Diplomate Jungian Analyst (Zurich, 1989), a training analyst with the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich and a member of the Curatorium. She is responsible for the International English Block Training in Zurich where she lives part of the year. She also lives in Dallas, Texas, where she has an analytic practice for adults and groups. She leads workshops and dream retreats internationally and is the author of Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a tribal connection is revealed through synchronicities; and Sacred Dream Circles: A handbook to facilitate Jungian dream groups.

Stand in Your Power! Become the Full Expression of All You Are

Randy Siegel
Randy Siegel

Carl Gustav Jung said: "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” This workshop offers participants a rare opportunity for introspection -- to look inside and awake.

There’s an old Zen story about a young lion that was raised by a sheep; he thought he was a sheep too. One day, an older lion found him, captured him, took him to a pond, and showed him his reflection. Upon seeing his reflection, the younger lion knew who he was and roared.

Like that pond, this seminar will hold up a mirror so that you can view your image, career, and life; reclaim your authentic self, and become the full expression of all you are. In it, you'll briefly explore personhood, purpose, persona, and presence; these four “Ps” will help you authentically package, present, and best promote your gifts and most fully live your own unique life.

Randy Siegel utilizes a proprietary process that facilitates self-discovery to clarify personal perspective, true purpose, and professional image. This process transforms men and women into highly motivated leaders who are more charismatic spokespeople and ambassadors for the organizations they serve.

Since founding his company in 1999, Randy has conducted hundreds of consultations, presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions for corporations, professional associations, nonprofit organizations, and marketing firms. He has authored professional articles for Washington Post, Atlanta Business Chronicle, bizlife, and other publications. He has been quoted in USA Today, Wall Street Journal online, Southwest Airline’s in-flight magazine Spirit, and other media outlets. His monthly eNewsletter is valued by thousands of readers worldwide, and his books Engineer Your Career: Building a Blueprint for Your Best Self and PowerHouse Presenting: Become the Communicator You Were Born To Be are available through

Randy's clients include Coca-Cola Enterprises, EarthLink, The Recording Academy (The Grammy Awards), The University of Georgia MBA Program, State Farm Insurance, The Giving Institute, Baylor Health Systems, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and Fleishman-Hillard International Communications. One client summed up Randy's work this way:

"You teach far more than communication; your message is about life issues, growth, awareness, and openness. It's powerful stuff, and your ability to communicate it and share your life is inspiring.”

Journey Conferences seeks to provide genuine conversation and the sharing of varied experiences in the context of supportive community to aid individual persons and our world in moving toward wholeness. The conference program offerings have been welcomed in consideration of their potential value to this effort. Beyond that, the inclusion of any particular offering or event is not intended to imply any unqualified endorsement by Journey Conferences or its management. We encourage each participant to make their own evaluations.

Music and Dance

Dr. Art Hunkins
Dr. Art Hunkins

Born into a musical family Art Hunkins began composing at an early age He studied violin, piano and later cello at Oberlin College, composition and cello in Paris. He mastered in composition at Ohio University and earned his DMA at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Hunkins was founder and director of the UNC-Greensboro Electronic Music Studios until his retirement in 1997. Many of his recent compositions are for real-time, live performance Csound, a software synthesis language, and are available at his website:

Most of his works are meditative and somewhat mystical in character. Art will be offering his music at some of the ritual gatherings.

Akal Dev Sharonne
(with musician Mark Smith)


The Dances of Universal Peace were the vision of a Sufi master named Samuel Lewis and began as a Sufi practice.  Over the years they have come to embrace all the major spiritual traditions of the world. By chanting sacred phrases to the accompaniment of simple movement, participants literally embody the sacred phrase, moving beyond the level of [isolated]... ego and personality... [to bring us more present to]... the Divine essence that resides within each of us.  No dance experience is necessary; all movements are taught. 

Akal Dev Sharonne
Akal Dev Sharonne has been leading Dances since 1989. Having been introduced to the Dances by Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of the Omega Institute, she brought the Dances to North Carolina following her first summer at Omega. Since then, she has led Dances in the Triangle area of NC, in Charlotte, at the Abode of the Message, at the Omega Institute, and at several college campuses. She initiated a monthly Dance circle in Boone, NC, in 1998, where she currently lives.


Mark SmithMark Smith has had thirty years experience with the music and healing qualities of chants and songs from many  traditional and contemporary sources.  He leads chanting at churches, retreats, and social action gatherings.




On Friday and Saturday Mornings before breakfast, everyone is invited to a time for the sacramental sharing of bread and wine with reflections offered by Pittman McGehee, and Don Wardlaw.  Barbara Dua will be co-liturgist.

 The Rev. Dr. Barbara E. Dua
The Rev. Dr. Barbara E. Dua

Barbara Dua has been ordained as a Presbyterian minister for 29 years. She also has standing as a UCC minister in the Southwest Conference. Her life journey has taken her to high school in Beirut, Lebanon and extensive travels in the Middle East, Europe, Central America and Africa. She studied with African women theologians in Kenya while working on her Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary. In 2007 she traveled to Iran with the Fellowship of Reconciliation as a civilian peacemaker. She has been fortunate to work in ecumenical and interfaith ministries for the last 13 years. Living in New Mexico for the past nine years has deepened her spiritual life with the desert landscape, ancient traditions of the Native Americans and centuries old Roman Catholic missions in the southwest. Iona, Scotland and Ghost Ranch in New Mexico have been sources of great nourishment. In recent years, Barbara has been certified as a Spiritual Director through the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California. Jungian studies and women’s spirituality have been a thread though her adult life.


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The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest
and most intimate sanctum of the soul,
which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul
long before there was conscious ego and will be soul
far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.    C. G. Jung


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